Ashten, Licensed Massage Therapist 

Ashten brings over 10 years of massage industry knowledge and hands-on experience, along with her heartfelt desire to help YOU feel your best. 

What sets Ashten apart ?

YOU, undoubtedly, will feel Ashtens' genuine caring spirit and how that amplifies her proven massage modality capabilities for a complete mind, body and spirit rejuvination. Ashten will take the time and care needed to individualize your massage experience because she truly cares for her clients!  

Tomi Kirk, LMT and Owner... started BodyRevival Massage & Aromatherapy in 2018 to bring meaningful and customized therapy to her clients in a calm and peaceful setting that would allow her to spend the time needed to listen, research, educate and make each experience individualized for each client's specific issue.  Tomi believes Massage Therapy should not feel rushed.. or the same- for- all service.. everyone is different.. we specialize in providing therapy that betters your physical, mental and spiritual needs.  Tomi has studied at WVU and Penn State in Psychology, Dietary Studies and Nursing before graduating top honors in massage therapy school.   She has 20 plus years of experience and knowledge of the body's systems. 

Mind ...Body.... and Soul ...Healing !!  

 Rooted in her faith in Jesus Christ...she hopes you  feel your spirit being calmed as she will not let you leave her table without being lifted up to the ultimate healer in prayer...  God Bless!

Tomi, Licensed Massage Therapist